I'm changing my name! Meet Laura Lovely!

lvh shocked laura lovely.jpg

C'est moi, fabulous author, glamorous friend to merfolk and mortals, writing with some important news:

I'm changing my name!

The next few weeks will see a large expansion in my publishing empire, with the back-to-back releases of PUMPKIN POUNDER and PRINCESS OF THE SEA. It is time for me to expand as well, to a name that encompasses the many stories I have to offer. 

Please meet my new identity:


What's changing?
You'll still see Madame de Boudoir as the charming hostess/narrator of the SEA OF LOVE books, but all SEA OF LOVE books and fairytale remixes, like SPLASH ME and PUMPKIN POUNDER, will live under the Laura Lovely umbrella.

You'll see some changes on social media as I switch names, and there will be updated covers KING OF THE SEA and SPLASH ME. In fact, the Madame de Boudoir covers for KING OF THE SEA paperbacks will soon become collector's items. If you own one of the original editions, cherish it forever! 

What you have to do:
Absolutely nothing.  If you like, you may visit my new website: lauralovelybooks.com, but there's not much new to see there.

Why am I doing this?
Madame de Boudoir was a character I invented for my publishing debut when I had a very specific idea of what I might write. Since then, I've had more ideas, and I need a way to tell the world about them that isn't restricted by fancy French words that may be hard to remember. Think of Laura Lovely as Madame's protégée, one who can bounce between the digital age and the gilded age, between third and first person, between hidden worlds and the possibilities of the one we inhabit. 

What's next?
Very soon, I'll be revealing the cover to PUMPKIN POUNDER, and from then on out you can expect to see the Laura Lovely name on all future books. You'll be hearing quite often from me in the next few weeks. I'm calling it my "release season" as I am launching PUMPKIN POUNDER in October and PRINCESS OF THE SEA in November. Think of it like a Taylor Swift album launch -there's always more to see. 

I hope you are as excited as I am. There are so many possibilities, for all of us. Thank you for trusting me, for reading my books, and for being among the first to know about this exciting new direction. 

Amour, Amour, Always Amour,
Laura Lovely
(f.k.a. Madame de Boudoir)