Cover Reveal! First Look at SPLASH ME!

Mes chers,

Cue the horn section and dim the lights. We are about to have a cover reveal!

It is my great honor to give you this first look at the cover of SPLASH ME, custom made by the glittering Romanced by the Cover.

Mark your calendars because SPLASH ME will be released on May 30, 2019! For now, it will only be available in ebook and on Amazon, so get your Kindles fired up. This story is hot, hot, hot! 

I truly can't wait for you to experience for yourself what early readers have called "adorable and filthy..."

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And now, without further ado...I give you the cover of SPLASH ME!

a Splash-inspired romance

What’s your fantasy? One that you never told anyone?” he asks.

Kevin and I have had five dates—and sex twice. He is big-hearted and big-boned, with a slightly ragged haircut and a laugh that reminds me of the luckdragon in The Neverending Story. I like him so much, even though he’s a total dweeb.

I stare at the dirty text for one minute. Then two.

My fantasy? I take a swig of wine. Should I cop out? Make a joke about a naughty nurse? Or do I risk being completely honest…

If I tell him the truth, I think he would make it good.

I know he’ll make it good. I take a deep breath—I’m all in.

I text back, “Have you seen the movie Splash?”

Madame de Boudoir's Filthy Fairytales are short, humorous erotic romance standalones, inspired by fairytales, mythology and pop culture. SPLASH ME is inspired by the 80's mermaid romantic comedy, Splash, featuring Daryl Hannah & Tom Hanks.